Tessa Smith McGovern is an author and writing teacher/coach. She writes fantasy, women’s fiction and literary short stories. She teaches adults and children how to write, revise and publish or sell their work and currently has a few spots open for one-on-one coaching. For high schoolers, she teaches  ‘Ace the Common App:  Add ‘Published Author’ to Your College Resume’ one on one.

When Tessa’s two children were at Staples High School in Westport, CT, she guided them in the creation of original, polished creative writing portfolios that fully expressed their personalities to help their resumes stand out. Colleges want students with grit who will change the world, and that’s what writers can do. Thus, each portfolio showcased qualities such as creativity, commitment to a passion, and the willingness to go above and beyond in the pursuit of that passion. Each portfolio was published and available on their resumes as a link for college admission officers to download and review.

Her son recently graduated from Boston College (2019) and her daughter is a JD/MBA candidate at Boston College.

Tessa is founder of award-winning eChook Digital Publishing which won a gold and a silver in the 2012 eLit Book Awards. She teaches creative writing at the following:

1. Westport Library, Westport, CT (Writing Sprints to Prompts begin on YouTube at 12 noon ET Thursday 6/23/2020)

2. The Fairfield County Writers’ Studio, Westport, CT (How to Master Dictation for Writers: Get your words on the page the easy way. Five week class begins on Zoom at 12 noon ET Wednesday July 8 2020)

3. Teacher, Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY (A free, generative Community Livestream begins on YouTube at 12 noon ET Tuesday 7/23/2020. A new online class, ‘How to Link Your Short Stories and Memoirs into a Collection’ begins Fall 2020)

Her books include two Amazon best-sellers: the short story collection London Road: Linked Stories (British Short Stories category), and Cocktails for Book Lovers, Sourcebooks, Inc (Cocktails/mixed drinks category).

She was also host/producer of BookGirlTV (BGTV) from 2014-2016 when a health issue forced a (thankfully temporary) break. BGTV interviews feature popular authors such as Dani Shapiro, Jane Green and Pulitzer prize-winner Anna Quindlen.

Tessa was born in England, moved to the United States in 1993, and published her first short story in 1996. She’s currently working on a contemporary fantasy novel with talking animals that’s inspired by British folklore. She lives in CT with her family, a black lab, and a black and white Maine Coon who actually can talk.


“Tessa was a remarkable teacher, not just of writing in the digital age, but of the art and craft of writing in general. Her vision was timeless and inspired, and her course was truly life changing for me.” – Jeanne Chinard, The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY

“If you are planning to write for the digital media, you must meet Tessa Smith McGovern…Her knowledge of the internet, the publishing world, and the steps to successful digital publishing is current and extensive. She has valuable insight into the psychology of writing and writers.” – Jeanette Gould, The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY

“Tessa Smith McGovern’s class ‘Writing for Digital Media’ is one of the best writing classes I have ever taken. In addition to teaching us step by step how to blog and tweet and link our pieces to Facebook so we could truly begin to build a platform for publishing, Tessa’s advice and critique of our writing was unfailingly helpful and supportive. Tessa individualized our assignments so that each student made progress in her work. I cannot recommend this class highly enough.” – Florence Reiss Kraut, The Writing Institute, Sarah Lawrence College, NY


For more information, please email tessasmithmcgovern @ gmail.com



SHORT STORIES: Connecticut Review, Crack the Spine Literary Journal, Evening Street Review, CellStories.net, The Dirty Goat, RiverSedge, Studio One, The Distillery, BCtheMagazine, Happy, Georgia State University Review, Portland Magazine

BOOKS: Cocktails for Booklovers, 2014, Sourcebooks Inc, London Road: Linked Stories, 2011, eChook Digital Publishing


SHORT STORIES: First Offense, Carillon, Lucid Moon, Equinox (archived by the English Arts Council, Southbank Center, London)


2011 – Silver Medal (Editor), eLit Book Awards, ‘Memoir, Vol. 1’, eChook Digital Publishing

2011 – Gold Medal, eLit Book Awards, ‘London Road: Linked Stories, eChook Digital Publishing

2009 – Winner, Connecticut Press Club Creative Writing, ‘When Janice Bailey Walked’

2005-2008 – Honored Writer, the Annual Ultra-Short Competition of the Binnacle (University of Maine at Machias)

1996 – Honorable Mention, the Abiko Quarterly with James Joyce Studies, ‘Night of Glass’